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ER & Imaging at Beltway

Access to in-network quality medical care for you and your family is now closer to home. The Cy-Fair Emergency & Imaging Center is located in the heart of the Cy-Fair community with easy access from Cypress and neighboring communities.
Award-Winning Emergency Care for All Ages
From sprains to chest pain, you can rest assured that the new Emergency Center is equipped to care for a wide range of emergency medicine needs, including heart attack or stroke.
Advanced Imaging for Emergent and Outpatient Needs
The Imaging Center offers comprehensive diagnostic imaging services to diagnose a wide range of medical conditions and injuries.
Cy-Fair Emergency & Imaging Center
NOW Open!!
5655 W Sam Houston North at Tanner Road
Houston, TX 77041
(Beltway 8 on Tanner Road)
Call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room for very serious of life-threatening medical problems.
Cy-Fair Emergency & Imaging Center is a department of Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital.